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Intercept X - Don't Get Held Hostage By Ransomware - 30 Days Free Protection
With 77% of ransomware victims running up-to-date endpoint security* at the time of the attack, it’s clear that traditional protection alone is not enough.
Sophos Intercept X stops ransomware from holding you hostage. Its CryptoGuard technology blocks any unauthorized encryption attempts, automatically rolling back files to their safe states.
Intercept X stopped all ransomware attacks we tested against it in seconds”
– ESG Labs
We deployed Intercept X to more than 2,000 endpoints. To date, it has stopped more than 18 new ransomware attacks and we’ve had zero ransomware infections.”
– Emily Vandewater, lead security engineer, Flexible Business Systems, Inc.
Intercept X runs alongside antivirus products from Sophos and other vendors, and you can be up and running in minutes. Try for yourself today.
30 Days Free Protection
* The State of Endpoint Security Today Survey, Sophos, January 2018.
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Know Your Enemy

Ransomware is a $1 billion business that often evades traditional anti-malware. Learn what you’re up against and how to stop it.

Ransomware threats like Wanna, Petya, Locky and Cerber are on the rise, targeting organizations of all sizes. Sophos Intercept X is proven to stop ransomware in its tracks by blocking the unauthorized encryption of files.

Sophos Cybersecurity Advisor James Lyne appeared on NBC recently, where he talked about the state of cybersecurity and what we can all do to protect ourselves and our information. It’s an important, realistic look at the state of our data, and what we can do to stay ahead of the bad guys. This is especially important given the results of a recent Sophos survey that demonstrates that businesses are still struggling to be ready for the next big attack.

Don’t miss Lyne’s fantastic interview.