KSI Fuel Oil System Enhanced Web Options

New and Exciting Options NOW AVAILABLE!

Would your customers like to be able to create and have access to their own private online account? Your customers would be able to:

  • Look up and display their current open invoices

  • Print out a copy of any unpaid invoices

  • Be able to pay any open invoices online

  • Look up their history of purchases

  • Print out a history of purchases

  • Print out a copy of older paid invoices

  • If you have a current web site, we can provide a secure connection link to the online KSI servers that will store your customers private secure online account access. No need to move or change your present web site. The data will be updated everyday automatically.

    If you don’t have a web site, we can create one for you and add the secure online access links.

    Most Requested

    This has been one of our most requested options. Our customers have ask for this over and over.

    Now your customes don't need to call to find out how much they owe. Their account is online at the click of a mouse button.